Print Sites + Stores

These are all places that have been recommended to me by clients that have used them in the past or are places I have tried myself. The starred ones are my personal favorites. Reading the tips below these links will be the best way to ensure you have great prints, no matter where you go! So be sure to scroll down!

Easy Options

Mpix, Shutterfly, Costco, Drug Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. are all very affordable options that deliver good quality!

A warning for the in store labs (like CVS) - different stores have different printers and different levels of care given to the updating of the printers. So please do a test at the store you are at before printing a large quantity. So just because you've liked CVS in the past, doesn't mean another CVS will be good. Always do a test.

**If you are local and need a quick easy option, read below in the local to Columbus section

High Quality

Your online gallery (where your photoshoot images are saved) links to a very high end printing lab. I definitely recommend this for a simple order of prints.

Artifact Uprising, Parabo Press, and Mpix all offer unique products of extremely high quality. Albums, Canvas prints, thick paper options, artistic designs, calendars, gifts, etc. Try them out, you will not be disappointed!

Important Tips

Paper Type

Don't get overwhelmed by these options. Glossy is your typical, thin shiny, smudgy paper. I recommend always looking for the "Matte" or "Lustre" paper options. Matte will be your simple flat coated, non smudging print finish. Lustre will also be non smudging but with a little shine to it providing a fancier finished look.

Color Correction?

A lot of sites (like Shutterfly and Costco) will have a box automatically checked for color correction to your images. It can often be hidden and not even shown if on your phone or iPad. You do NOT want this as your photos are already edited! Photos will come out super dark and saturated and will make me cry a little if I see it. Hehe so please check for this if you're on a cheaper site.

Check your crop

All photos I deliver to you are at a 4x6 ratio. That means, if you remember fraction class, printing 8x10 or 5x7 or 11x14 and so on, will automatically crop down your photo. All apps allow you to check and adjust this before ordering, please do!!

Download Appropriately

Quality is important! Just remember, the more you "move a photo" (text, email, save, re-save, send, etc) the more likely the quality is going to be reduced! Save it straight to your device from my website by clicking the download button (do NOT screenshot) and then select the photo to print straight from that same device.

Color color color!

Quality of paper and digital quality are one thing - but if you're like me, quality of color is everything! I spend so much intentional time on editing your beautiful photos! If you are not happy with the coloration of a photo print, I would say your best bet is to try a new place! Printers can be incorrectly calibrated to the computer, resulting in colors that are washed out or over saturated! If a store hasn't fixed this, chances are, they don't know what they are really doing! Try a new place, like the ones listed above!

Local to Columbus

- Drug Mart in Polaris has been a current tried and true favorite of mine for a very quick and good color/quality option! (Only does 8x10 and smaller).
- CVS on Park Rd (711 Park Rd Worthington) does all common sizes, including larger prints (11x14 and up) and I've had great success with their color quality!