The Outfit Guide

Here are some little tips and tricks to keep in mind while sifting through your closet or shopping for your outfits! If you keep these basic ideas in mind when looking - simplicity, little details, texture, organic color and balance - it will help a lot as you decide! It doesn't need to be a stressful thing! Feel free to text or email any of your ideas my way, I would love to give you my thoughts!

Scroll to the very bottom for additional resources, including a link to my Pinterest Boards (real photo sessions to help you get a visual idea) and shopping resources that come highly recommended by many of my clients!


Wooden buttons, a leather watch, velvet headbands, leather shoes, a classy hat - little touches go a long way to complete a look! Have fun adding in little touches like this, keep your eye out for these things when shopping around! You can always find unique details that draw interest to a simple outfit.


Textures like denim, thick sweaters, tweed, small weaving, ribbing, flowy and light material, etc, can all add interest to the overall feel of an image. Searching online with these types of descriptive words will help you find some unique pieces too!


Always look for clean and simple! Small textures, solid colors, dainty patterns or bolder patterns that are spread out. Creams and neutrals keep a very clean and complimenting look - no matter the setting! This is great to keep in mind for in home sessions!

Organic color

Organic, earthy, muted tones (as seen in all the color blocks on this page, below each outfit sample) are extremely beneficial in making your session extra wonderful. They compliment the setting, my editing and your skin tones - for a very professional and natural look.


Balance is important - pops of color and bold patterns should be toned down with other more simple pieces. Don’t be afraid to go too simple with outfits - simplicity often highlights the natural beauty of your emotions and the setting.


I always suggest keeping your Christmas outfits simple and not too, too Christmasy. Colors like these deep rich winter tones are great for the Christmas card while also still looking appropriate for a photo hung in your home year round.