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This is a lifestyle session, so I generally stay away from the very rigid “posed baby” looks that are often done in a studio. We will keep the baby on its back, swaddled or in your arms. My posing is very prompt based in order to keep you looking and feeling natural, so you will simply interact with each other, your newborn and your other kids (if you have them) and have fun! I don’t use many props other than blankets, bows/hats, but feel free to grab any sentimental items, a stuffed animal, shoes, hats, etc. and I will be sure to incorporate them!

I am always sure to include a few formal, “looking at the camera photos” between all of the many candids as well as some more sentimental intimate shots, especially with a newborn. We will be sure to get all the combinations - plenty of just the baby, each parent with the baby, siblings together, etc.. I will tell you just how and where to stand/sit, what to do with your hands, feet, etc! Do not worry! If there is anything you are particularly self conscious about, be sure to let me know and I will do my best to accomodate!

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Payment Details

A $50 deposit is due upon booking. The remaining amount is due at the time of your session. Your deposit is nonrefundable. If something comes up and we have to cancel, but you book another session in the near future, the deposit may be able to be transferred to the new session.

How to pay:

Currently, clients are able to pay via Venmo (laura@imlauramarie.com or ask for the QR code), Cash, Check (written to I’m Laura Marie or Laura Margraff), or via eCheck through your invoice that is sent to your email (eCheck allows you to connect directly to your bank account online, super easy!).

Outfit Changes + Advice:

I do not mind at all if you prepare a second outfit or a switch out of shoes/scarf/jacket/etc.. Just keep in mind how it might add time and cut into the patience of your kiddos! I will be sending out an outfit guide as well as links to my Pinterest boards to steer you along with outfit choices if you would like the help!

When to schedule?

After you fill out the form and book your session, I will write your due date on my calendar. Then once the baby arrives and you are able to get home and settled, go ahead and reach out to me and we will find a morning that works for both of us!

What I expect from you:

I want you to know that when I am working with your baby, you are more than welcome to eat, sleep, fold laundry, check your phone, take some behind the scenes photos, etc.. Relax and don’t feel the need to host!


Can you put a rush on returning my photos?

If you need your images by a specific time, I am more than happy to accommodate depending on the busyness of the season. Please let me know ahead of time and I will do everything I can.

What if I or my kid is sick?

If you or your children are coming down with something and you know smiles might be hard to come by, I am totally fine with rescheduling. We live in a fast paced world and sometimes it’s best to just stay home and rest. The only time that is very difficult to reschedule is late Fall, when the cold weather and bare trees are coming soon and my schedule is super packed. Just reach out and we will see what we can do.

Pets at home?

You are more than welcome to include your pets in your family photos! When I am photographing the baby on its own though it is helpful (depending on the character of your pet) to keep the pets separated in another room, if possible/needed just to keep a quiet and calm atmosphere.

Can you create this Pinterest pose for me?

After doing newborns for a few years and considering what I want the final product to be like, I decided I would rather capture the baby in their natural state, while also capturing the memory of and staying comfortable in your home environment. Doing the unique poses you see on Pinterest often require a very sleepy baby, perfect lighting (or artificial lighting) as well as a good backdrop. Since this is a hard combo to come by in a home, I generally stay away from promising any special posing. Feel free to show me your idea if there is something you really want and I will let you know if it’s possible.

Will the session really last 2-4 hours?

I am always extremely loose on the timing of newborn sessions. Babies are unpredictable, feeding can take a long time and is sometimes hard for new moms, the new environment can take awhile for me to test and figure out lighting. I never schedule anything after newborn sessions in order to keep a no-rush atmosphere. Sometimes we are done in an hour, sometimes it’s as much as 3 or 4.

Nursing your baby:

If you are at all uncomfortable with me being in the room while you try to nurse, please just let me know and I will go out into another room, no problem! I am not offended in the least if you nurse in front of me either. It boils down to whatever you are comfortable with.