Early Mini Session Info

to help you plan ahead

Mini sessions are always first come first serve basis. I don't announce the dates until a month or so before the sessions, and they are booked on the spot when announced to my email list. Make sure you are on the list by adding your email at the bottom of this page.

Here are tentative dates and tentative pricing information for 2022 minis. Please keep in mind, these dates are NOT set in stone, they are just my current sketch for the year. I am listing them here to help you have a better idea when planning any sessions for 2022. Again - these cannot be booked until I launch the dates officially.

April 23rd

May 20 (pm)

June 10th (pm)

June 11th (am)

July 23rd

August 1st (pm) (Ice Cream Shop minis?)

August 13th (am)

August 20th (Cleveland area minis)

September 1st or 2nd (Specialty minis, County Fair?!)

September 24th

October 8th

October 15th

October 29th (am)

November 5th

December 3rd (Christmas)

Minis will be: $250 for 20-30 minutes, location will generally be in the northern region of Columbus unless I find a special spot. 40-60 images are promised. Announcements will be made to the email list first.


What is a mini session?

A. Mini sessions are small shoots booked back to back on a day and location of my choosing.
- I only offer these at certain times throughout the year (they are not able to be booked independently).
- These are designed to allow me to serve a TON of you all at once, without having to schedule and drive to each of you and therefore I am able to give you a better price!
- All details regarding minis are included above.

Should I book a full session?

A. I believe minis are great for these reasons:
- if you are just wanting a few quick shots
- are on a budget
- have a husband who just hates photos
- kids that are super impatient
- you can only do weekends.

A few reasons I think you should consider a full session:
- weekday evenings are doable for you
- you would like a little more variety of backgrounds and poses in your photos, you generally will get more than double the images.
- you would like outfit changes
- you have a specific location in mind
- your kids take a while to warm up or really like to play. I believe having more time is CRUCIAL to getting your kids to warm up and enjoy these photos. It is a common misconception to think, the longer the session the worse my kids will do. It is generally the opposite because we are not on a time sensitive, stressful schedule. My sessions and posing are all very play based - I promise your kids will have fun.