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Shale Hollow Park

Lots of wooded areas with paths, easily accessible creek with shale and rock walls, a couple wooden bridges and a small field with the sunset visible. This is a great option for Fall. It can be dark in the Summer when all the tree foliage is full, but still a pretty option!

Highbanks Metro Park

A favorite park of mine, where the sunset seems to sit just right in every corner of the park. Lots of fielded areas, very natural settings. Wide open creek spots, wooden fences, tall grasses, wooden bridges, pretty paths. Love this park in any season.

Alum Creek Areas

This is a unique little spot near the Alum Creek Dam. It's wide open, has a large hill over looking the sunset, and if we drive a second down the road there is a field along a tree line that makes the sunset sparkle just right.


Inniswood Gardens

Lots of beautiful man-made structures, gardens, waterfalls, brick paths, stone bridge, benches, etc. A wonderful spot for the Spring and Fall but can get very crowded. There is also a great area with pines that is perfect in the Winter! Lots of paved paths and very easy access.

Hoover Reservoir Park

Near the Hoover Dam walking bridge - this spot has a variety of backdrops and can work very well in any season! There is a beautiful open field with a full view of the sunset. A forest of tall pines, great in the Fall and Winter. As well as a lawn area with gorgeous trees that lead up to the water.


A hidden gem in Westerville - it has a beautiful pond, weeping willow, paths, a stunning white barn and small brick structures. Great in the Spring and Summer especially. Sometimes not accessible on weekends depending on events at the barn.


Friendship park

A very simple park, small parking lot, (will walk past a playground), tucked back behind a neighborhood. Setting has wooded dirt paths that lead to the prettiest little creek spots. Especially pretty in the summer and when the sun is shining.

Gahanna Woods

Another simple setting, has a small pond, wooded paths and a large hill with tall grasses and weeds that is especially pretty in the Summer and Fall and overlooks the sunset. Especially a good option when the sun is shining.


Creekside Park and Plaza is a great area right in the heart of Gahanna. We can use the urban area, store fronts and fountain, etc. if you are looking for that. Or we can walk along the beautiful creek sides, over bridges and wooded boardwalks. A favorite of mine, with lots of variety!


Gantz park, Grove City

A very pretty park that is very well kept. Has a red barn, gazebo, paved paths, accessible creek areas, gets pretty evening light. Not too far from downtown Grove City if we wanted to head there half way through. Good for Spring, Summer or Fall.

Hocking Hills, Logan

A famous Ohio favorite, well worth the drive and travel fee. Beautiful landscapes, dramatic cave settings that still get pretty light at certain times of the day, unique waterfalls, creeks, and rock walls. Does require a lot of walking and rough ground to get where we need to go. Beautiful in all seasons, but can be rough walking in the winter.

Walnut Woods, Groveport

A huge park in South East Columbus that has a variety of landscapes. Large hills that get pretty evening light, rows of trees that are wonderful for photos. Lots of different divisions of the park that you can drive to including a neat wooded area of tall pines that is wonderful in the Winter time.


Coffman Park, Dublin

A new Dublin favorite of mine. This park has a large white barn, a shallow, very pretty creek, a white stone bridge and open grassy areas. (We will walk past a playground FYI). This spot is great for all seasons of the year and gets perfect evening light!

Millcreek Park, Marysville

If you are out toward Marysville this is a favorite of mine. It's built into the public sports parks/baseball fields and is an underplayed beauty! Paved walking paths with overhanging trees along a large creek, as well as a small stream in an open well kept grassy area that gets good sunset light.


A perfect option for Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter! Homestead is a very well kept park that has great blooms in the spring. Two white barns, pine trees, a covered bridge, pond and stone structures that all help add visual interest even in the winter! Definitely a favorite of mine!


Scioto audubon Park

This park is a great spot if you're looking for a little nature in the middle of the city. It has wide bike trails with over arching trees, wooded paths, water front spots as well as fields with the cityscape in the background. Great for Summer and Fall especially.

German Village

The perfect urban spot, brick streets, quaint shops, colorful backdrops, fall foliage, old buildings, you name it - if you're looking for urban, German Village has it! Schiller Park is within walking distance if you'd also like a little nature!

Scioto mile + Various Urban Spots

There are so many unique little spots downtown that I am familiar with that provide an urban/grungy look. As well as the entire Scioto Mile area, which gives a little more upscale city look! Let me know what you're looking for and I will direct us to a great spot!



Marengo, Ohio is where I grew up, so I have lots of little hidden nooks and crannies that have become some of my most favorite spots to shoot. It's always very natural and unique! I have areas that work well in both the Winter and Summer!


This is a fun and gorgeous open water area (water was uncommonly low in this photo) that gets stunning evening light! The boardwalk goes along a patch of trees that are so vibrant in the Fall! Minutes from McNamara Park if you'd like two different backdrops!


A perfect hidden gem that I just love. There is a great red barn, if you like that look, a small patch of sunflowers, a gorgeous wildflower field that is perfect at sunset. Also has a wooded, long, straight bike trail along route 3 that makes for a great backdrop!


Mount Jeez

A top favorite location of mine! This is well worth the drive if you are coming from Columbus. We will take a little drive up a curvy gravel road to the top of this stunning hill. Wide open fields with tall grass and patches of trees nearby. A simple but stunning backdrop! Minutes from Malabar Farm as well.

Malabar Farm

Another country favorite that is well worth the drive! This park has every natural backdrop you could dream of as well as gorgeous white barns, fencing, cows roaming in the background, a small stream, the list goes on! It feels remote, but only 10 minutes from the freeway and is often not busy at all.

Ariel foundation park

A truly awesome and unique park right in Mount Vernon! So many gorgeous man-made spots, old brick ruins, a staircase built into a hillside, ponds, bridges and more all within pretty easy walking/driving distance. There is also a grove of trees and wide open hill sides that provide a very natural look as well!


Shelby, Ohio

Marengo, Ohio

Pataskala, Ohio

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