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My posing is always very relaxed, we will play off the personality of your children, our location and the way you interact with each other. I offer lots of "prompts" to help you along and keep it natural! You will receive a large variety of poses in the final gallery. I will include a few formal, “looking at the camera smiling photos” between all of the many candids - as well as a mixture of wide, scenic shots and close up intimate shots. We will get all the combinations, each kid individually, mom and dad together, siblings together, etc!

I will tell you just how and where to stand, what to do with your hands and feet! Do not worry! If there is anything you are particularly self conscious about, be sure to let me know and I will do my best to accomodate!

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Payment Details

A $50 deposit is due upon booking. The remaining amount is due at the time of your session. Your deposit is nonrefundable. If something comes up and we have to cancel and another session is scheduled for the near future, the deposit may be able to be transferred depending on the circumstances.

How to pay:

Currently, clients are able to pay via Venmo (laura@imlauramarie.com or ask for the QR code), Cash, Check (written to I’m Laura Marie or Laura Margraff), or via eCheck through your invoice that is sent to your email (eCheck allows you to connect directly to your bank account online, super easy!).

How to prepare + what to bring?

Many people wait to change their kids until they arrive at the location, this is always a good idea! If your kids are particularly shy, remember to talk to your kids ahead of time about where they are going, what we are going to do, mention my name a few times so they are getting used to the idea and aren’t caught off guard when they arrive. A few helpful things you might like to bring to your session: a water bottle, clean/simple snacks for the kids, baby wipes/tissues, bug spray.

Outfit Changes + Advice:

I do not mind at all if you bring a second outfit or a switch out of shoes/scarf/jacket/etc.. Just keep in mind how it will cut into our time/amount of available light/the patience of your kids! I will be sending out an outfit guide as well as links to my Pinterest boards to steer you along with outfit choices if you would like the help!

Length of time/will my kids last?

The hour time slot is a very loose estimate. Your session will go as long or as short as we need and as a result, I don’t offer shorter or longer session pricing (other than seasonal minis). I promise this will be a fun, playful experience for your kids. If they are getting weary, I will set my camera down and play with them for a bit and slowly pick it back up and begin capturing again. They will have so much fun!


What if it rains?

If the weather is looking bad, we can be in touch the morning of your session (or the night before if need be). I always let you make the call on whether we reschedule or not. I will give you my honest opinion and we can decide based on our future mutual availability. There is no additional fee if we reschedule, having a good day is important!

Can you put a rush on returning my photos?

If you need your images by a specific time, I am more than happy to accommodate depending on the busyness of the season. Please let me know ahead of time and I will do everything I can.

What if I or my kid is sick?

If you or your children might be getting sick and you know smiles might be hard to come by, I am totally fine with rescheduling. We live in a fast paced world and sometimes it’s best to just stay home and rest. The only time that is very difficult to reschedule is late Fall, when the cold weather and bare trees are coming soon and my schedule is super packed. Just reach out and we will see what we can do.

Can we include extended family?

You are more than welcome to include/invite extended family for your session! There will be an additional fee depending on how many extra family members. Please notify me in advance with the names and relations of every member coming. I am glad to do photos of every family unit/couples/siblings/etc.

Can we bring the dog?

Yes! Pets are definitely welcome! I would suggest bringing a friend along to help when we aren’t including the dog in photos. Be sure to bring treats and plastic bags! Also be sure to let me know ahead of time so we can plan an appropriate location.

One year birthday/milestone shoots

These are treated just like a regular family session. If you are wanting to highlight a milestone, just let me know and we will be sure to do extra photos of that child individually. Outfit changes for your child are welcome. Cake smashes can be included at the end of the session for one year olds if desired. Please let me know ahead of time.