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My posing is always very relaxed, we will play off of your personailities, our location and the way you interact with each other! I offer lots of "prompts" to help you along and keep it natural! You will receive a large variety of poses in the final gallery. I will include a few formal, “looking at the camera smiling photos” between all of the many candids - as well as a mixture of wide, scenic shots and close up intimate shots.

I will tell you just how and where to stand, what to do with your hands and feet! Do not worry! If there is anything you are particularly self conscious about, be sure to let me know and I will do my best to accommodate! Don't feel the need to plan ahead with poses and such unless you have ideas you'd like to share, I'm open to anything!

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Payment Details

A $50 deposit is due upon booking. The remaining amount is due at the time of your session. Your deposit is nonrefundable. If we have to cancel, but you book another session in the near future, the deposit will be able to be transferred to the new session.

How to pay:

Clients are able to pay via Venmo (laura@imlauramarie.com or ask for the QR code), Cash, Check (written to I’m Laura Marie or Laura Margraff), or via eCheck through your invoice that is sent to your email (eCheck allows you to connect directly to your bank account online, super easy!) - This last method is preferred on my end, but all are fine!

Outfit Changes + Advice:

I do not mind at all if you bring multiple outfits or switch outs of shoes/scarf/jacket/etc.. I generally suggest 1-3 outfits for engagement sessions. Try not to make your outfits too bold or bright, muted, softer more organic colored tones are usually best to compliment the setting and your skin tone. Think about your setting and colors around you when picking out your outfits! Don’t stress, I will be sending out a very detailed guide to help you out with this! Pinterest is also a wonderful help for inspiration! More than anything though, make sure the outfit feels like you and that you are comfortable!

How to prepare + what to bring?

I will be sending an outfit guide to you to help in case that is something you struggle with. Don’t worry about finding ideas and poses unless you really want to! I will take the reigns and you can just sit back and enjoy! Helpful things you might like to bring to your session: water bottles, tissues/wipes in case of mud, bug spray, make up touching up if you might want it, a rag/towel if it’s super hot and you tend to sweat a little (I will be drenched, no shame!)


What if it rains?

If the weather is looking bad, we can be in touch the morning of your session (or night before if need be). I always let you make the call on whether we reschedule or stick with it. I will give you my honest opinion and we can decide based on our future mutual availability. There is no additional fee if we reschedule, having a good day is important!

Can you put a rush on returning my photos?

If you need your images by a specific time, I am more than happy to accommodate depending on the busyness of the season. Please let me know ahead of time and I will do everything I can.

What if I am feeling sick?

If you or your spouse might be coming down with something, I am totally fine with rescheduling. We live in a fast paced world and sometimes it’s best to just stay home and rest. The only time that is very difficult to reschedule is late Fall, when the cold weather and bare trees are coming soon and my schedule is super packed. Just reach out and we will see what we can do.

Can I share these online?

Of course! I always just ask if you would be kind enough to include my name or website/link to my page when sharing. Most all of my clients find me through word of mouth and it means the world to me for you to share!

Can we bring the dog?

Yes! Pets are definitely welcome! I would suggest bringing a friend along to help when we aren’t including the dog in photos. Be sure to bring treats and plastic bags! Also be sure to let me know ahead of time so we can plan an appropriate location.

I'm nervous about ____ when I have my photos taken, can you help?

We look at ourselves in the mirror every single day, I see you and don’t even notice that mole that bugs you, the recent acne you’ve tried to cover up or your bangs that lay a different way than you’d like. I am always conscious of general “flattering” of different body types, but I love the help when you point out something I might not otherwise notice! Please feel comfortable to let me know or ask to look at the back of my screen!