One Photographer

This package is sweet and simple! This is great if you're not too worried about a ton of those getting ready shots, if you have no need for an engagement session, or if you feel your reception events won't go super late. Also, if your guest list is a pretty average size, not having a second shooter is no issue at all, in my opinion.

USB + Online Gallery 

You will receive a pouch with a wooden USB in the mail about a week after your gallery is delivered containing all of your edited images at high resolution. This includes a PDF document that states your rights to print the images however and wherever you'd like. 

Your Online Gallery provides quick and easy access to all your high resolution wedding images which can be downloaded from the site directly to your computer or phone. Galleries allow easy sharing with friends and family and link directly to a professional printing lab for you and your loved ones to order and receive prints mailed straight to your doorstep. Your online gallery is permanent and will never expire, you will always have access to this protected backup of your photos.

7 Hours

After shooting nearly 150 weddings, I have learned where the sweet spots are in terms of timing for your day. 7 hours is just enough time to get a few of those fun getting ready shots - jumping into the ceremony and formal shots clear through to the reception, staying long enough to get the main scheduled events and a few fun candids after the main events (this is depending on the schedule of your day of course - which we will discuss together). Hours of time can be added on at any point (See below for breakdown). 

One Photographer

Everyone loves to ask my opinion on having a second photographer. I started probably my first 50 weddings shooting solo. It wasn't until a a couple years ago that it became common to include a second photographer. I am very comfortable shooting a wedding day alone and have trained myself to be everywhere I need to be all while grabbing candid and detail shots along the way. I look at a second photographer as an extra hand, a little less running around for me and some unique extra images to work with for your final gallery. A higher number of guests is one reason that I would suggest adding a second photographer. The decision is entirely up to you - I don't think you will regret either choice. 

Completely Customizable

If you love this package but just to want to add a thing or two - you are more than welcome to do so at any time! Below is a breakdown of your optional add ons. 

1 Hour of Time - $150

Engagement Session - $400

Second Photographer - $400

Layflat Wedding Album - $500