Hi, I'm Laura Marie

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You know, an artist’s entire job is to understand why something is beautiful and to be able to express that to other people.

I am an artist and I want to tell you why.

I come from a large family and parents who love me. I come from a slow country town with a small community. I come from hard work and struggle. I come from people who know and love God and want to serve him with their entire lives, even if it’s hard. I come from small amounts of money and large amounts of purpose. I come from yummy southern food with butter on top, lots of it. I come from commitment and determination, duty and intention. I often personally struggle to remember why my life is beautiful. To remember the good in those things I mentioned.

So, I understand that, on the surface, life isn’t pretty most of the time. In fact, it’s quite hard and quite messy. But I’ve also realized that every time we look back over the years, life seems sweeter “then”.

When you look at yourself and your family in the photographs I take - my entire intention is for you to be able to see that your life is sweet now. Right now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Now.

I want to remind myself of those good things in my life. I want to be joyful and content with now and the good God has given me. I want to see the beauty through the sorrow. This is something I have a passion for. Not because I think life is just totally awesome and perfect - but because it’s actually not. Because I know discontentment and struggle and I've seen contentment and joy right next to it, I’ve seen peace right in the middle of it. And I hope to share that with you by getting to know you and expressing the beauty of your life in a photograph.